Paradise Road Galleries was founded in 1998 by Udayshanth Fernando and it’s exhibition space is located in the former office of renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa where a monthly calendar of exhibitions by Sri Lankan and international artists has been presented over the past two decades. As an entrepreneur, designer and patron of art, Kalasuri Udayshanth Fernando continues to oversee the exhibitions within the space; a testament to his dedication to the Paradise Road aesthetic. All Paradise Road properties feature an extensive collection of works purchased or commissioned for these spaces by Fernando.

The Paradise Road Galleries online site was established in 2015; formerly known as Art Space Sri Lanka and presenting works from both exhibitions and artist portfolios. Combining the work of Paradise Road Chairman and Collector, Udayshanth Fernando and his Gallerist daughter, Saskia Fernando, the website will feature artists presenting works from both respective galleries, Paradise Road Galleries and Saskia Fernando Gallery.