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Established in 1998 in the former offices of world-renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. The gallery is located throughout the premises that also houses Paradise Road The Gallery Café. Exhibitions change monthly and present the leading contemporary artists from the island as well as South Asian contemporary artists.


6th JUNE 2019 –  27th  JUNE 2019

Much like the emperors of the Mughal empire, artist Yuwantha Yasas depicts the works in A Love Story from his diaries. Inspired by Pahari miniature painting, the detail and motifs in his work are resemblant of lavishly decorated texts and borders common in this traditional practice. A Masters graduate from the Banaras Hindu University, Yasas has exhibited his work in both Sri Lanka and India extensively.

In his recent series he has chosen to work on large acrylic and oil canvases featuring figurative, self-narrative compositions incorporating both Sri Lankan and Indian symbolism; they represent two worlds intertwining. Inspired by the Sringara, one of the most important influences of traditional Indian art forms, these paintings invoke the energy of love and romance in a similarly spiritual and reverent way. Including details of the ‘Sapu Mala’, the Kandyan cloud, elephants and fireflies, all are placed with a purpose – to represent a union irrespective of origin, interweaving culture by playing with representative expression, practice and form.

JUNE 2019


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