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Established in 1998 in the former offices of world-renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. The gallery is located throughout the premises that also houses Paradise Road The Gallery Café. Exhibitions change monthly and present the leading contemporary artists from the island as well as South Asian contemporary artists.


27 SEPTEMBER 2018 – 17 OCTOBER 2018

Moods always reflect our inner-feelings as a mirror. The French word “Humuers” beautifully describes this phenomenon. Moods of many modern individuals are gloomy because of the frustrated capitalism of our contemporary society. It’s always creating nonrealistic targets and those targets ultimately create dissatisfaction which is leading us to follow up with superstition and metaphysics. It directs us not to get rid from this material calamity but to gather many unlimited hopes about material values. This as well continues the wicked process of contemporary Sri Lankan’s political influence and economical system fueling dissatisfaction. The worst-case scenario is there dissatisfied feelings change our moods to discontent. Therefore, I attempt to reveal this hidden political and economic crisis and try to make an awareness about it by visualizing those “Humuers” in my compositions.


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