Paradise Road Galleries

Established in 1998 in the former offices of world-renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. The gallery is located throughout the premises that also houses Paradise Road The Gallery Café. Exhibitions change monthly and present the leading contemporary artists from the island as well as South Asian contemporary artists.


31 MAY 2018 – 20 JUNE 2018

Anup Vega’s work playfully inherits a celebration of light, an essential dynamic of elements and energy through which is born ‘the 10,000 things’.

Born, 1967 in Kurunegala, a central mountainous province of Sri Lanka, Vega was drawn towards painting at an early childhood age by a transcendental experience, a spell of light, shapes and textures in which to play and direct.

Vega’s work later transformed its direction towards inquiries upon self, harmony, the natural world and the nature of illusion.
‘Joy is freedom, exploring, discovering the freedom, of course, it is not easy. To inherit – Joy is for no reason.’ – Anup Vega, 2017

Isaac Smith, Double Bassist and Creative Music Facilitator

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